DE56712 Portfolio Investments: ETC, ETC for labor resources and Actuals display in FTE although Portfolio Capacity Unit is set to Hours


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Clarity PPM On Premise



  1. Connect to Clarity
  2. Go to Project List and add ETC and Actuals to the view
  3. Find or create a Projects with ETC and Actuals on it
  4. Now go to Home - Portfolios
  5. Create a new Portfolio, set Capacity Unit Type to Hours, Save
  6. Go to Contents Editor, add the project noted in step 3 as Individual Investment
  7. Click Sync Now
  8. Go to the Investments tab, when the Sync completes
  9. Click on Configure and add ETC, ETC for Labor resources and Actuals fields to the list
  10. Now note the amounts


Expected results: The metrics should be in Hours as set in Capacity Unit type.

Actual Results: Metrics are in FTE

Note: In some cases they may even display as 0.00 because the fractions are small, you have to add 5 decimals to the field to see it


Release : Any



This is caused by DE56712, WNF

You must make sure the curve attribute is added to the Portfolio Investment object Attribute Registry and resync.  What is happening is the sum gets copied over as hours but then gets divided by 3600 again, which makes it look like FTE.  When the curve is copied it sets the sum in seconds so things work out. 

Please do the following:

These attributes should be added as Attribute Registry:

  1. Actuals for Labor Resources
  2. Actuals Sum for Labor Resources
  3. ETC for Labor Resources
  4. ETC Sum for Labor Resources

Objects > Portfolio Investment > Attribute Registry > move the above attributes from Available column to Selected column > Save and Return

Once the above activity is done, run the sync job again.