How to uninstall Spectrum Domain Connector?


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We have an SDC that needs to be upgraded, but there doesn't appear to be a formal task in the techdocs on how to do this.

Trying to install over the existing from command line isn't working.  We extracted 

This is the command we tried:

      ./install.bin -i silent –DUSER_INSTALL_DIR=”/opt/CA/trapx/bin"


Installer believes there is nothing new to install.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Uninstall and reinstall the SDC:

1. Save off all SDC configuration files.

2. Stop the SDConnector process: 

$ cd /etc/init.d 
./sdmconnector stop

3.  Uninstall SDC. 

For Spectrum version 10.3.2, 10.4.0, and 10.4.1:  Navigate to the "/opt/CA/SDMConnector/Uninstall_SPECTRUM Secure Domain Connector" folder

Run: ./Uninstall_SPECTRUMSecureDomainConnector

For NetOps Spectrum version 20.2 (aka 10.4.2): Navigate to the "/opt/CA/SDMConnector/Uninstall_DX NetOps Spectrum Secure Domain Connector folder

Run: ./Uninstall_SPECTRUMSecureDomainConnector

4. Once complete, run the SDC installer:

<INSTALL DIR>/sdmc/linux/install.bin -i Silent