Starting an upgrade, how to review and use the Checkinstall feature? Best Practices on Checkinstall


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are about to start a Clarity upgrade, the checkinstall ran and we would like to understand what to do with the results? Are we ok to proceed? 


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



The Checkinstall is a small tool that runs before the upgrade (it's the first part of the upgrade) with the command install. It executes tens of queries and comparisons to ensure your setup is compliant and that you will not face upgrade errors due to something that could have been prevented/reconfigured at this point.

Every time the checkinstall runs, it will log the results as INFO/WARNING/ERROR.

Level WARNING will display in Yellow

Level ERROR will display in Red

To read the results, open the the $install\checkinstall\check-logs\precheck-results.html file in browser. This will contain all the results and the actions you can take to remedy them. Example output:

If you have ERROR, you cannot proceed, and must address the issue before continuing with upgrade.


If you have a WARNING, you have the choice. Usually this will not cause a problem with the upgrade, but it might be an issue for just some customers. So on lower environment you may decide to ignore them and continue, or you can still go by the list and address them before continuing if you would like to do things per best practice. 



Additional Information

It is recommended to open the HTML file and address the warnings in there as described before engaging Support, as checkinstall includes self-explanatory instructions on how to correct each warning/error.