CA Deliver - Questions on RMOJCL


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The client wanted to know what is set up in their new Deliver environment regarding program RMOJCL.  

They also wanted explained as to why their Deliver 12.2 setup uses aliases, to point to the Deliver libraries.



Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


RMOJCL is a batch utility program which can be used to create Deliver database definitions from job JCL and procs.

Please refer to the Deliver Reference Guide for information on the use and setup of RMOJCL. 

On the use of aliases, the client was using aliases which used old Deliver library names (CAILIB, CAIOLIBE, CAIPNL0, etc.).

It was explained that there is no requirement, or suggestion of any kind, that a client use aliases for their library names.

With that, the client will alter their strategy so that current Deliver library names will be used.