Is it possible to use User-Defined Tokens in Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.x?


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Ghost Solution Suite


Is it possible to use User-Defined Tokens in Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) as was done in Deployment Solution (DS) 6.9?


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x


Yes, Ghost Solution Suite 3x is able to use User-Defined Tokens in much the same way as was available in Deployment Solution 6.9.  Since much of this may be dependent on customization a thorough understanding of the GSS Console, the GSS database schema, and scripting is recommended.  If needed, advanced assistance is available by contacting Sales and engaging a consultant.

Note: Some details on using custom tokens can be found under KB 196088 "Custom Tokens for Deployment Solution and Ghost Solution Suite".
Few things to consider while using custom tokens:

A token must represent a part of SQL if you want to link to another table. Condition processors can only expand some predefined macros to values taken from computer table fields.

The custom table, from example, MUST contain computer_id field that is used to bind ghost computers to data in the custom table. If you want to use a table that has no such field, you must provide custom SQL in token that will perform correct entry selection.