No break in locked large string field


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Clarity PPM On Premise


A large string or string attribute displayed in the multi-line text area of the change request object.

This is later locked by a process.

While the string field is displayed in text area when unlocked uses the line-wrapping. After the locking the display format is lost with no line-wrapping and the text becomes one continuous line.

1.  Create two custom string attributes with length 2000 on the Change Request object
2.  Click on the Views tab and Change Request fields to set the custom string attributes to use a Display Type of Text Area
3. Still in the Change Request Views tab click on the Layout Create and add add both custom string attributes to the General section then save changes
4. Do the same for the Layout Edit but this time add the attributes to the General -> Details section the save changes 
5.  Return out of the object

6.  Create process to lock the first of the two custom string attributes when the change request description is changed.

 Start Options
 Start Event: Update
 Start Condition: Change Request Description != Change Request Description [Previous Value]
 Start Step:
 Object: System Action change.thisChange Request
 Action: Lock Selected Attribute
 Lock Selected Attributes: Custom String Attribute 1
 Then Go to: Finish
7.  Validate All and Activate process
8.  Create a project then create a Change Request then add the following text to both custom string attributes


9. Save the change request
10. Note the display format of both custom string attributes which should both be a multi-line text area
11. Edit the change request and enter text in the description then click save

Expected results: The display format of the locked attributes remains the same
Actual results: The locked attributed loses its display format and line-wrapping, becoming one continuous piece of text


Expected defect DE56484


Release : 15.6

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


This is under investigation by engineering.

Additional Information

The same behavior is seen with Clarity PPM 15.7.1 and 15.8.1