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JMeter Test Executed in BlazeMeter Which Requires a JKS Certificate Fails to Find the Configured Keystore File


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Need to run a JMeter test which uses a JKS certificate.  The test runs successfully with a keystore file when executed from JMeter locally using the following jmeter command line arguments:

-D<my_keystore.jks> -D<my_JKS_password>

The keystore jks file is uploaded along with the jmx test in BlazeMeter test and the following JMeter Properties are set in the test:<my_keystore.jks><my_JKS_password>

When the test is execute, the following appears in the jmeter.log file of the test:

Keystore file not found

There are no issues with case sensitivity in the name of the jks file uploaded to the test and the name set in the JMeter property for the test.



JMeter no longer converts property entries in into System properties. These must now be defined in the file or on the command-line. 

Some time ago, BlazeMeter upgraded from legacy version v3 to the current v4 version.  This upgrade included changing the platform that BlazeMeter runs on from JMeter to Taurus.  The new Taurus platform does not support JMeter command line arguments so it is not possible to configure your test to provide JMeter command line arguments.


Release : SAAS




Create a custom file which uncomments and sets the following properties:<my_keystore.jks><my_JKS_password>

Upload the custom, jks, and jmx files to your BlazeMeter test.
Remove any JMeter Properties that set either and/or
The test should then run successfully using the keystore jks file and password configured in the uploaded custom file.