Retrieve all maintenance for Common Services for z/OS r15.0


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We have installed Common Services r15.0.   How can we retrieve all maintenance for this release since it went GA in January 2019? 


Installed new release and would like to apply all maintenance. 


Release : 15.0



To find and retrieve all maintenance for release 15.0 follow these steps:

  • Login to
  • From the home page, choose Mainframe Software
  • On the next display, choose Product Downloads
  • Enter Common Services in the search box
    • Click on Common Services in the box that appears below and to the right of the large search box       
  • Common Services for z/OS will appear on the next page but the choice defaults to Product Download
    • Solution Download appears to the right of the default, click on Solution Download
  • The supported releases will appear to the right of the product name, click on 15.0
  • The maintenance for r15.0 will appear in descending order; the latest fix listed first
  • To retrieve all maintenance for the release, limit the date in the calendar to the right to January 1, 2019
    • This will include only the maintenance for the r15.0 BASE components
    • Leaving the calendar blank will also include the maintenance for the components found in the LEGACY pax file
    • The LEGACY components are stabilized with little or no change since r14.0 of Common Services  
  • Click on Add All to Cart above the calendar 
    • The number of fixes available will appear in the red box next to the literal CART at the top of the page
  • Click on the literal CART 
  • The CART Download Page appears
  • Scroll to the end of the list of included maintenance for the BASE components
    • Other products, such as Easytrieve and Datacom are also included in the Product Downloads 
    • Turn off the maintenance for these products by moving the button to include the "complete package" to the left 
    • Scroll to the bottom
    • Click on Checkout
  • This creates a zip download request of the cart 
    • The download choices of browser or ftp appear to the the far right