Rally - Jira: Authentication required error in logs


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


When using the Jira connector with a Jira Cloud (formerly Jira On-Demand) instance, the following error is seen in the logs:

[2020-07-24 12:45:50 Z] DEBUG : RallyJest::JiraComm.execute_request - {
  "errorMessages": [
    "You are not authenticated. Authentication required to perform this operation."
  "errors": {

This is occurring in spite of using the new required <AccountID> attribute.



When using Jira Cloud, it is now required to use an email address formatted Jira <User> value instead of the Jira username as was required previously.

For example prior to the requirement to use <AccountID>, a <User> value was passed as follows:


Now Jira requires you to use the email address associated with the account so it is necessary to change the <User> value to a format like the following:

<User>[email protected]</User>