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XCOMN0302E Files with special characters in the filename are not transferred with CA XCOM


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When the filename has Cyrillic characters or bullets, copyright symbols or registered symbols XCOM cannot transfer these files. 

This is the error that XCOM displays:

XCOMN0302E Unable to open local input file: No such file or directory


XCOM transfers are failing intermittently due to some special characters or special encodings used in the file names. Since the filenames are being generated from external sources, there is no control over the filenames.


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


XCOM can handle only ASCII characters in filenames and it cannot handle the Unicode characters in file names. To circumvent the problem, the preallocation exit script can be used to execute custom code before executing the actual transfer and check for possible special characters in the file name. Preallocation scripts can be used to update the LOCAL_FILE, REMOTE_FILE parameters of the transfer configuration.

XPRECMD in the xcom.glb file specifies the prescript file path. A sample script that shows how to use the "xcomqm -p" option to update the parameters can be found at %XCOM_HOME% with the name Xcompre.bat.