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If a required approver is disqualified during a 'Package Approve' action, the user receives 'APPROVAL PERFORMED' on the top right of 'Package Foreground Options Menu' panel (C1SP0000) . However the approval is not performed and the Approval Status shows 'DISQUAL' in  the 'APPROVER GROUP DISPLAY' panel (PanelID C1SP1300)

This is misleading. It would be nice to see the message 'Approver Disqualified'  on C1SP0000 panel when the approver is disqualified.

C1SP0000 Panel

---------------------- Package Foreground Options Menu ---- APPROVAL PERFORMED



PACKAGE ID:   XXXXXXXXXXXXX             STATUS: IN-APPROVAL                   
DESCRIPTION:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                    
PACKAGE TYPE: STANDARD                                                     
FROM ENVIRONMENT: XXXXX                                                    
QUORUM: 1        NUMBER APPROVED: 0          NUMBER DENIED: 0              
  APPROVER    STATUS       DATE   TIME         APPROVAL REQ'D              
  YYYYYY     DISQUAL      19JUL20 18:45     


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


To determine if the messaging is correct CONRPT72 should be run against the package in questions. Review the Approver section of the report.  In the situation stated above, the CONRPT72 shows that the Endevor is working as designed and the messaging is correct.  The Endevor that package is executing from does not have the Site-Wide Approver Disqualified option set in the ENCOPTBL.

To disqulifiy approvers, you have 2 options: 

Site-Wide - The APPROVER_DISQUALIFIED parameter in the ENCOPTBL activates the option site-wide. There choices are supported:

Active the option for both Standard & Emergency Package Types
Active the option for Standard Packages only
Active the option for Emergency Packages only
By APPROVER GROUP - If the site-wide option in the ENCOPTBL is not enabled, disqualification can be turned on in an approver group by specifiying DISQUALIFICATION is Y in the approver group definition. The default value for this in an approver group definition is DISQUALIFICATION is N.

Based on your doc each package has multiple approver groups:

Package PEDV0TE0001036

There 4 approver groups related to this package:

ASTEC, EN$RM, & ENDEVORADMINS is not using Disqulification (DSQ=N)

PCMEDV02 is set for disqualificaton (DSQ=Y)

User EDVMT was disqulified from the PCMEDV02 group

Package DEDV0Wt0001063

There are 3 group associated to this package.

Group EN$RM & ENDEVORADMINS do not have Disqualification (DSQ) set

Group PCMEDV02 has Disqualification = Y and user EDVMAC was disqualified from the package.

As for the messaging - since the approver(s) in questions were allowed to approve in 1 group and disqualified from the other, the message PACKAGE APPROVED is correct.

For more information on Approver Disqualification here is a link to the documentation: