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What is CPULIST used for?

When would the INCLUDE and EXCLUDE statements be used?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The CPULIST DD defines the input data set for CPU include or exclude control statements. This DD statement is optional and if not specified, all CPUs sharing the TMC must be found in the current Audit file.

When all systems sharing the TMC have tape processing performed on them at least once a day, there is no need for any CPUs to be included in the CPULIST control statements. However, if there are some CPUs that have NO tape processing performed on them, or when the tape processing is very sporadic that can go for days at a time without any tape processing, it would be recommended to use the INCLUDE type of CPULIST control statement.

Use the EXCLUDE statement to define the SMF ID of systems running CA 1 that should be excluded from processing by TMSXTEND.

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