Blazemeter Performance Test stopping prematurely


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We have a test that is stopping after 40 minutes even though it is scheduled to run for 1 hour and 2 minutes.

The jmeter.log shows different errors:

ERROR o.a.j.c.CSVDataSet: Stream closed ERROR o.a.j.JMeter: Uncaught exception:




Looking at the jmeter log, we believe the issue is because Java is running out of memory. If you look at the jmeter.log, you will see numerous WARNings appearing before the test stops prematurely:

2020-07-24 10:33:31,313 WARN o.a.j.e.BoundaryExtractor: Correlate Code: Error while generating result. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive

In your script you have 3 boundary extractors in the test all with the same name 'Correlate Code'. One or more of them are generating the warning repeatedly and could be causing the Java stack overflow in JMeter, which in turn is causing the test to stop too early.



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You need to eliminate the boundary exceptions by debugging your script. The best way to do troubleshoot would be to use a different name for each of the 3 boundary extractors in the test, to help identify the problematic ones, to see if that fixes the problem.

For more information check out the following site. It may help you debug the Stack Overflow error:

Also, we noticed from the Engine Health page, a huge drop in connections followed by an increase in errors, which are also indicative of an issue with either the script or the application's inability to handle the load. Because of the WARNings and stack overflow errors, it makes sense to treat this as if it were a scripting error. Once you eliminate the script as the cause, you can look at the application.