UPGRADE OPSMVS for event management


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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


  We are getting ready to upgrade our CA COMMON SERVICES on z/OS from V141 to V150. I just realized that the EVENT MANAGMENT component of CA COMMON services is no longer shipped with CA COMMON SERVICES FOR V150. Note we do not use the AGENT TECHNOLOGIES component. The release notes for CA COMMON SERVICES v150 has the following bulleted item.


CA Network and Systems Management (CA NSM), which contains the Agent Technologies and Event Management


If you are using CA NSM, you can migrate to CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM, formerly known as

Nimsoft). If you are using CA NSM together with CA OPS/MVS to process network and USS events, you can migrate

to CA OPS/MVS Release 13.5. CA OPS/MVS Release 13.5 contains a new CA UIM Interface and a new USS

Syslogd Server. For more information, see New Features in the Release Notes section of the CA OPS/MVS 13.5


1. is the CA UIM component above for z/OS or the distributed side? Sounds like the distributed side and I believe they are running that already on the distributed servers here at Publix.  

2. We are currently running CA OPSMVS V130. Do we have to upgrade to the V13.5 to have Event Management capability?


Release : 13.0

Component : OPS/MVS


CA UIM is a distributed product which "provides a single, analytics-driven solution for proactively and efficiently managing modern, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. CA UIM is the only solution that provides intelligent analytics, comprehensive coverage and an open, extensible architecture. "   

The OPS/MVS UIM Interface is only available starting with release 13.5.  In order to make use of this interface, thereby allowing OPS/MVS to send requests to UIM, OPS/MVS needs to be upgraded to release 13.5 or higher.