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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In some cases it is possible for a NimRecorder script to be recorded successfully but during replay the behaviour, particularly where a web page is concerned, may be slightly different to when the script was recorded leading to an unsuccessful or seemingly incomplete replay.
There may also be no indications of any specific errors.


It is still unknown as to why some websites behaviour differs during replay compared to the recording but Low Level Recording can often help in such situations.


Release : 9.2.0, 20.3.3
Component : UIM - E2E_APPMON 2.52 and 2.51


In NimRecorder before recording a script, select Configure then Recording

Enable the Low level Recording option.

Now record the script.

The recorded script will contain numerous statements such as MoveMouse, ClickMouse, SendKeys etc.

e.g. a simple script to open to the Google Home Page and enter Broadcom as a search term is recorded as follows:

StartBrowser("CH", "www.google.com", 3)

UseWindow("CHROME.EXE|Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND|Chrome Legacy Window",1, NoActivate)

UseWindow("CHROME.EXE|Chrome_WidgetWin_1|Google - Google Chrome",1, NoActivate)


The recording contains the exact screen coordinates of mouse movements, clicks and text entered.

Once it is confirmed that the replayed script works as required, this can then be fine tuned to remove any extraneous MouseMove and ClickMouse statements that may not be required.

Additional Information

Scripting in NimRecorder is outside of the scope of Support and we would normally advise that customers contact Wintask Support on [email protected] for assistance with scripting issues.