ZOWE endevor plugin for queryacm getting 404


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CA Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM) CA Endevor Software Change Manager - ECLIPSE Plugin (SCM)


Trying to use the zowe endevor plugin to browse the components of a cobol program to see the copybooks and other dependencies but getting a 404 error.

zowe endevor queryacm components COSCLOSE --env TST --sys COS --sub COS0100 --sn 1 --typ COB3ONNN -i CENTRAL --endevor-profile techplex


[INFO] list action executed in location: TST/1/COS/COS0100 on element: COSCLOSE.COB3ONNN
[INFO] Running on host: m-end-rnd.pncint.net:6300 instance: CENTRAL
Command Error:
Rest API failure with HTTP(S) status 404
Error Details:
HTTP(S) error status "404" received.
Review request details (resource, base path, credentials, payload) and ensure correctness.

Host:      m-end-rnd.pncint.net
Port:      6300
Base Path: EndevorService/rest
Resource:  CENTRAL/env/TST/stgnum/1/sys/COS/subsys/COS0100/type/COB3ONNN/ele/COSCLOSE/acm
Request:   GET
Headers:   [{"Accept":"application/json"}]
Payload:   undefined


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Endevor ZOWE plugin


Go to mainframe Endevor, choose User Menu, select ACMQ, to check out element component information under ACM query.

Then use POSTMAN to run List Components Used by Element Function.

List components should return same result using ACM query (Mainframe vs REST API), if REST API returns error, make sure Web Services maintenance is fully updated ( check if SO13558 already applied ? This ptf sup's a number of Web Services API fixes).


Additional Information

REST API List Components Used by Element Function: