Cannot deploy vApp due to "Selection configuration is not valid" error


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We have one vApp 14.3 node running in Production with CS, IM, IP, PS and US components. We need to move the vApp node to different physical VMware infrastructure due to certain business requirements and plan the following steps
         1. Add new 2nd vApp node to the 1st vApp node, add CP, IM, IP, PS and US components into the 2nd vApp node and deploy
         2. Shutdown the 1st vApp, access vApp dashboard and the Setup screen on the 2nd vApp node and then remove the 1st vApp node
Eventually the 1st vApp node will be decommissioned and we want to run on the new 2nd vApp node only.
We have successfully run step 1. above, however when we did step 2, i.e. removing the 1st vApp node the following error dialog shown after clicking Deploy button

After removing the 1st node, actually the components for deployment are CS, IM, IP, PS and US and the external Database. This should be a valid deployment option.


External Database information in the 2nd vApp node was not replicated properly.
This is a known issue that is recorded in bug ticket DE471066


Release : vApp 14.3 with vApp 14.3 CP2



This is a known issue that is recorded in bug ticket DE471066 and permanent fix for this issue is planned in vApp 14.3 CP3. At the time this article is written, vApp 14.3 CP3 has not been released.

At the moment, we can do the following workaround.
   a. Restart the 1st vApp if it is down and then access 1st vApp's dashboard and go to Setup screen and edit the database, reconfigure database with the same configuration, click the test database connections and then Apply, the following dialog will be shown
      Database configuration changes require application restart, Click Ok to proceed.
   Then click Ok.
   Applied Database Configuration dialog will appear, and show all the green check marks.
   b. Now power off the 1st vApp node
   c. Access the 2nd vApp's dashboard and go to Setup Screen and remove the 1st vApp (click the 'x' icon in the vApp box) and deploy

There is available fix, please check