CA View - Not submitting jobs to load reports from tape to disk


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When selecting a sysout to return from tape to disk, the client saw where the corresponding SARBCH job was not submitted and does not return.

The client had just upgraded from View 12.1 to 14.0.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


As the client was having problems loading a report from tape to disk, which involved program SARBCH, it was found that they had not modified their CVDEPENU(SARJCL1) member, as part of their upgrade process.

Had the client modify the //STEPLIB statement in that member, then run SARDBASE OLOAD, to load that modification to the database.

Upon making that change, the client was then able to do their loads from tape to disk with no problems.

Also advised client that, as they also use CA Deliver, that they will need to make the same modification to the CVDEPENU(RMOJCLB) member, and run RMODBASE OLOAD, as part of the upgrade.