The Remote Indexer, on Windows, hangs if the command line contains a typo.


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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Remote Indexer

I was running the following command on the Windows Remote Indexer which had a typo but an error was not presented. 

Here is the command:

C:\Users\PSI_CT82>C:\Apps\SymantecDLP\Indexers\15.5\Protect\bin\RemoteEDMIndexer.exe -verbose -ignore_date -data=F:\DLPEDM\MPD_CUALL.dat -profile=F:\DLPEDM\MPD_CUALL.edm -results=F:\DLPEDM\DLSSN_index_results 
Note that the switch "-results" should be "-result".
When the command with the typo is run, it just hangs and does not throw an error or show any movement. 
After waiting over half an hour, I had to kill the process.
I would like to see an error message saying that there is something wrong with the command.


Typo in the Remote Indexer command line.


Release : 15.5

Component : Remote Indexer


Submitted feature request ISFR-1340.

The request is to have the Remote Indexer error out if the command line is not correct.