How to find the Control Compliance Suite Manager certification serial number


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In certain circumstances the serial number of the certificate for the CCS manager needs to be compared to the serial number for the certificate listed in the CCS Certificate Management Console.


This information may be needed to make sure the correct certificate is installed, or for audits, etc.


Release : CCS 12.x

Component :CCS manager


Perform the steps below on the CCS Manager that you would like to verify the serial number of the CCS certificate.

  1. Select Start -> Run, and type 'mmc' (no quotes)
  2. In the MMC console, select in the top left 'Files', then select 'Add/Remove Snap-in'.
  3. In the 'Available snap-ins' panel, select 'Certificates' and select the Add button to move it over to the 'Selected snap-ins' panel.
  4. When the Certificate snap-in panel pops up, select 'Computer account' and then 'Next'.
  5. In the 'Select Computer' panel, select 'Local computer: (the computer this console is running on)' and then click 'Finish'.
  6. Select 'Ok' to close the Add or Remove Snap-ins window.
  7. Back in the MMC console, expand Certificates -> Symantec_Components -> Certificates folder and it will display the certificate for that manager.
  8. Double click on the CCSManager-<hostname> certificate and select the 'Details' tab.
  9. The serial number for that manager is listed in the information.  You can now compare that serial number to the serial number listed for that manager in the Certificate Management Console on the Application Server.