Capacity Planning Dashboards in Performance Management


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Looking for some assistance to gain insight to creating Capacity reports for WAN circuit utilization with projections.  Possible best practice documentation.

Capacity Planning report configuration in Performance Management.

How to set up Capacity Planning related reports in Performance Management.


All supported Performance Management releases


A Best Practice document specific to Capacity reports for WAN Circuit Utilization with Projections doesn't exist at this time.

In most instances for Capacity Planning we'd focus on interface metrics to monitor and manage Capacity. Capacity as it related to interfaces and their metrics is discussed here.

Metric Projections are discussed here.

The flow here is first getting the Metric Projections for targeted metrics set up/enabled. Once that's done, we'd want to set up reports to show that data using the Scorecard Projections.

Once the reports are set up, if Groups don't already exist to show the target items that would be next, generating groups that target devices or items for review in the reports.

Some instances will require setting up side by side charts to show things like In and Out metrics side by side if a View providing info doesn't provide a single In * Out value.

Some Scorecard Views with Projections configured have additional columns not exposed by default. A few of these would likely be critical in most cases to help bolster the projections shown.

Some Dashboards that may provide a starting point are the default Capacity Planning Dashboards available in Performance Management.