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I am installing CA Proxy. The server where I am installing the tool on has several IP addresses.

When I run the installer (./installDAProxy.bin -i console)

The installer doesn't prompt me to choose the host IP address for Consul. The one shown in the output,, can't be the consul bind address. However I don't have any option to choose a different one.

I checked the DX NETOPS 20.2 documentation and there should be a prompt when multiple public IP addresses are configured.

Is there a properties file that can be filled in with the correct IP address?

How can I solve the problem?


This issue was fixed in version 3.7.7 by defect DE434128.

But the wrong install media was posted to the download site for 20.2 for a very short time.


Release : 20.2

Component : DAProxy


Check the version of consul you have installed:

/opt/CA/daproxy/bin/consul version

If the results are not

Consul v1.7.2

Then uninstall the proxy and reinstall using newly downloaded media.

Restart all services and verify the install worked:

/opt/CA/daproxy/bin/consul members

Additional Information

To uninstall proxy:

On each DA (if already installed)

systemctl stop consul

systemctl stop consul-ext

on the proxy host:



rm -Rf /opt/CA/daproxy