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Is it possible to test a new release of CA Deliver, in the same LPAR where an older release of Deliver is running, so long as one is using separate Deliver databases?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


It is possible to run multiple CA Deliver RMOSTC tasks, in different releases, in the same LPAR, however it takes much more than just pointing to a separate Deliver database.

Performing an IPL will not be necessary, however please take note of the below:

. Use a //STEPLIB in the new version, to point to the proper load library.
. Use a unique task name for the new version.

. In the RMOPARMS for the new version:

. . Use unique parameters for JOBCLSL (pre-spool processing).
. . Use unique parameters for SYSCLSL (pre-spool processing).
. . Use unique parameters for NETCLSL / NETDEST / NETFORM (post-spool processing).
. . Use a unique parameter for SYSID.
. . Use a unique parameter for BNDLCLSL.
. . Set parameter to BOT=NO, as the other task is using BOT=YES, and only one task in an LPAR can use a YES setting.

As well, it is suggested to not use the same View database as is used with the older version, and do not point to the older Deliver database in the View SARINIT parameters (EXPRESS=...).