Models from the Spectrum NCM Device Family "Cisco IOS - SSH Capable" are moved to "Cisco IOS" after contact is lost to the device


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When a device was initially modeled in the Spectrum database, Spectrum correctly placed the model in the "Cisco IOS - SSH Capable" Network Configuration Manager (NCM) Device Family. 

Spectrum lost all communication with the device. When Spectrum regained communication with the device, Spectrum moved the model from the "Cisco IOS - SSH Capable" Device Family to the "Cisco IOS" Device Family.

A manual reconfiguration of the model then moves the model back into the "Cisco IOS - SSH Capable" Device Family.


The device is responding to the SNMP but is not all the way up enough to respond to SSH.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Application / Network Configuration Manager


This is functioning as designed. 

When Spectrum regains communication with a device after losing connection, not only does it send out SNMP but it also sends out an SSH to the device.

What is happening is when Spectrum regains communication and sent out the SSH, the device is not all the way up and not responding to the SSH.

Since the device did not respond to the SSH, Spectrum is removing the model from the "Cisco IOS - SSH Capable" Device Family to the "Cisco IOS" Device Family.

Spectrum does not periodically verify the model is in the correct device family.

A model reconfiguration does re-evaluate and moves the model to the correct device family.