VANTAGE Windows Client: asking for Statistics 'NO STRING OF FIELD NAMES GIVEN'


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CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager CA Graphical Management Interface


Sometimes it can happen that, using Vantage Windows Client and asking for  Statistics (both Full or Totals) on any of the available Views, the below popup is got :


and the Statistics are not produced. 

How to bypass this error?  




Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


In order to correct the problem the following steps should be done: 

1. Login to Windows Client. Close all windows except the Object Tree and Host list. In Object Tree open object:
CA Vantage Internal Management -> Dictionary -> Object Definitions

2. Load data into object and filter for statistics object, using the filter: Object = STATISTX

3. You should see only one record in the object now. Select the record in table and use Actions -> Load Object Definitions

4. Accept the action and verify that the message:

Object: STATISTX Version X... - Definitions loaded OK 

is got

5. Close the object.

6. Open any object in Object Tree, load it with data and try to view a Statistics.

All should be good now but if the problem still occurs,  Please open a case to Broadcom Support.