Plan Progression Page is Stuck on Loading


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


The Plan Progression page gets displayed, but isn't loading any data for the selected Plan. 


Generally this issue is caused because a Release hasn't been selected for the Plan being viewed. 


In order for the Plan Progression page to load the information the Plan being displayed has to have a Release selected for its Start Release and End Release. You will need to go to the Capacity Planning page and select the Plan from there. If the Plan has been Published you will need to Edit it again. After that you can select the appropriate Releases for the the Start and End, and Publish the Plan.

Additional Information

Some other requirements for the Plan Progression page to work correctly are listed below:

  • The capacity plan you are tracking has been published on the Capacity Planning page.
  • The capacity plan uses the lowest-level portfolio item.
  • The capacity plan has start and end release dates. If the plan has a different start and end release, the data on the page will only capture information related to the start release.
  • All of the teams that have features that are part of the plan have been added. If you have included a feature in the capacity plan but did not include the team, the planned progression will not load.