Automation Studio Agent Upgrade - Still Offline/Unreachable


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


The agent remains offline after upgrading it via Automation Studio. 



The upgrades specifically fail when the agent upgrade process detects that it needs to upgrade JRE. While processing the JRE upgrade it fails due to a broken symbolic link that once pointed to a folder (ex: ja -> ja_JP.UTF-8). The problem was caused by the folder being deleted before the symbolic link. This causes the following type of error to continually be displayed during the upgrade - each of the 10 times it attempts to retry (as found in the logs/wrapper.log): 

  • Could not delete [/opt/ReleaseAutomationAgent/jre/man]
  • Could not update JRE. /opt/ReleaseAutomationAgent/jre/man/ja (Is a directory)
    Waiting 1 minute and trying again up to 10 times.



Release : 6.7

Component : Nolio Release Automation Core


Manually uninstall the agent and reinstall. 

The issue was found while using Automation Studio (ASAP) in version 6.7. However, Automation Studio has been discontinued in this version and is available for only the most dire of situations where something from ASAP was not ported to the ROC. Version 6.7 provides a new way/method of upgrading agents via the ROC. In version 6.8 the old Automation Studio method of upgrading agents has been ported to the ROC and this problem has been fixed there. The fix involves specifically removing symbolic links before it attempts to delete folders. The upgrade process itself, in the 6.8 ROC, firsts prompts whether you want to use the new upgrade procedure. If you deselect this option then it will use the previous/ASAP method where this fix has been implemented to improve how the upgrade process handles the removal/upgrade of the JRE.