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Resource Allocation changes to incorrect amount when updating estimates from allocation


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Users’ demand keeps giving me different hours than what hours are showing in the Task Gantt. 

  • One month is 1.8 hrs over while another month is 1.8 hrs under.
  • Allocate from estimates won't update it to the correct amount, the only way to update it is to manually fix it.
  • A day or two later, it reverts back to the wrong hours with the decimal after the manual fix. 


This can be due to their being  an overlap in start/end dates for tasks which can create an overlap in time periods causing the hours to shift.


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Check to see if there is a period where there is no task assignment covering, and add assignments for the period. In one case, the following helped resolve the issue:

  1. Zero out the allocation for the month where there is no task assignment (IE January 2021)
  2. Allocate from Estimates to update the first month (IE December 2020) to the desired amount
  3. Assign hours for the month that the allocation was zero'd out for (IE January 2021)
  4. Allocated from Estimates again
  5. Now both months should show correctly

Important: Running Allocate from Estimates will replace all current allocations with ETC values, so make sure that this is how you want to set allocations prior to running this action.