Security reasons the AES encryption is seen as a less stronger


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Hi Team,

We have this ask from the security team. 

Security Risk team feel that the same AES encrypted key being used on all non prod agents communicating with the non-prod scheduler is a security breach. They expect each agent to have a specific Encryption key communicating with the scheduler.

A scenario as explained by them.

Server x is the actual Autosys Agent. 

They choose server Y and rename it to have same host name as server x, open firewall, and when the job runs, supposed to run on server x wd have run on server Y which is holding a different application.


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


You can configure each agent to used a different key.

You will then need to generate the encryptkey.txt for the agent using that and the steps as documented in the following URL:

On the AutoSys Server side, you will need to specify the key to be used in the machine defined for that agent. Please see the documentation of key_to_agent Attribute at the following URL:

key_to_agent Attribute -- Specify the Agent Encryption Key

The key_to_agent attribute specifies the key used to encrypt data from CA Workload Automation AE to the agent.