Primary hub or robot is crashing, unstable, or inaccessible


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


This article may apply to a Primary hub, UMP robot, or Secondary (HA) hub, or any busy remote hub that is periodically crashing, unstable, or at times inaccessible.

This includes any Primary hub, UMP Robot or any very busy remote or secondary hub with probes that are memory-intensive which would exacerbate the problem until processing is adversely affected or the hub/robot slows down / crashes or simply becomes inaccessible.


- Limitations imposed upon Windows Virtual Memory in customer's environment by Windows administration..


Release: UIM 8.x or higher

Component : UIM - UMP


- When virtual memory is purposely limited in the Windows OS configuration, versus allowing Windows to choose/manage it, Virtual Memory - should be set to "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" so the system manages the size. 

- This must be "System managed" and NOT 'Custom.'


Go to Control Panel\System and Security\System

1. Click on 'Advanced system settings'
2. Under Performance, Click "Settings"
3. Select 'Advanced' Tab
4. Under Virtual memory-> click Change...and then,
5. Select-> "Automatically manage paging filesize for all drives"

Click Ok, then Ok, then Ok again.

Then restart the machine.

Your hub or robot should then return to a stable state.

Additional Information


At some point, hub/robot/probe processing and performance may be degraded if the Windows OS maps Virtual Memory to Disk instead of Physical Memory. For memory intensive java probes in UIM, we need to ensure that JVMs will be allocated with only physical memory first (and avoid using the paging memory) for a better performance, until all physical memory is consumed.

Hence, this is why we provide memory resource recommendations for small, medium, and large environments so that VMs have enough base physical memory to start with before they ever need to use page file/swap. And with virtualization, e.g., VMware, Runtime resize and Dynamic memory can allow all the physical memory to be used up first before ever needing to write to disk.