ROC Agent Upgrade - Still Shows Previous Agent Version


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We tried to upgrade agents after applying patch 6.7.1 (6.7.0.b124) through the ROC. Even though the agent upgrade results indicated it was successful (without error), the agent still shows the agents previous version.


Some commands are needed to run the agent upgrade on linux machines via the ROC UI. The needed commands may not be available on the operating system where the agent is running. This usually indicates an older version of Linux that may not be officially supported by the agent anymore.

The recommended solution is based on the needed commands not being available. To see if this is the cause you can check for errors in the following file on the target agent machine:

If this file does not exist on the target agent machine then the problem, and possibly the solution, is different. Review the "Additional Information" section for more details on how the agent upgrade is handled when upgraded via the ROC. 


Also, please review the system requirements page of the documentation for more details on which agent platforms are supported. It can be found here:


Release : 6.7



Perform the agent upgrade via Automation Studio. 

Automation Studio has been deprecated in version 6.7. But it is still available for a limited time by manually accessing the URL: http://nacserver:port/nolio-app/app.jsp

Additional Information

Agent Upgrades Via ROC:

Using the ROC to upgrade agents on Linux is done using a Nolio RA application with an artifact package. The process it runs:

  1. identifies property value.
  2. creates a <valFromStep1>/.nolio-ra-agent folder.
  3. removes <valFromStep1>/.nolio-ra-agent/upgrade folder if it exists.
  4. creates <valFromStep1>/.nolio-ra-agent/upgrade folder
  5. creates another foldername named after the artifact filename
  6. gets os architecture
  7. extract the artifact's .zip file to the folder created in step5.
  8. If linux, the artifacts script (<step5Folder>/ gets executed. This is the main script that upgrades the agent files.

The script writes its output to the log file: /tmp/.nolio-ra-agent/upgrade/

If there is a problem and it is not creating an ra_process_entrypoint.log file then:

  1. The problem may be related to a failure in the deployment step (for example, failed to create one of the folders). If the problem is in the deployment step then the upgrade will also reflect as a failed deployment. Navigate into the failed deployment's deployment step. From there you can get a view of the process to identify which action failed. 
  2. If the deployment/upgrade doesn't reflect as failed but the agent is still showing it's previous version, a page refresh does not solve the problem, and the ra_process_entrypoint.log file does not exist in its expected folder then it would appear that the artifact package was not properly associated with the deployment. Additional investigation is needed and will require the ability to introduce a failure in one of the actions used in the deployment process outlined above (for ex: change permissions so the user can't delete or recreate the upgrade folder mentioned in step 3 and 4. If this can be done then please let us know what you find and/or open an issue for root cause investigation.

If there is a problem and it is creating an ra_process_entrypoint.log file then whatever problem the script had is likely logged in this file.

For example: On RHEL5/RHEL6 servers that don't have the realpath command you might see something like the following: ./ line 1: realpath: not found
dirname: missing operand
Try `dirname --help' for more information


The first line shows the file/script where the realpath command is being called from. It's being used to provide an argument to the dirname command. Since the realpath command doesn't exist on this server it's not able to send the expected argument to the dirname command for it to successfully run.


  • RHEL5 and RHEL6 are no longer supported platforms. Please consult the product documentation platform compatibility page found here:
  • The ROC agent upgrade procedure does not currently support agent upgrades on machines where there are multiple agents installed.



Opening a Support Issue: 

If you need to open a support issue relating to agent upgrades then the following information needs to be attached to the incident:

Minimum Info: for all issues

  • Screenshot(s) of the behavior you're opening an issue for.
  • Logs from the mgmt server.
  • Logs from the agent machine (including /tmp/.nolio-ra-agent/upgrade/ 

Additional Logs: for issues relating to the deployment of the agent upgrade artifact package.