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Users are getting error HTTP 500 Internal Service Error while trying to run / execute a process using the Actions Menu item on the list view of objects. The same Action runs with no issues on edit layout. This issue happens on multiple object types including:

  • Status Reports
  • Custom Objects

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a process associated with the Status Report Object
  2. Go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Status Report
  3. Click on Actions
  4. Click New and enter Action Name/Action ID (IE Run Process / Runprocessid)
  5. For Type, select Process
  6. Populate the process you created in step in the ‘Select Process’ Field
  7. Click Save and Return
  8. Go to the Views Tab and click Actions Menu next to the Status Report List row
  9. Click New and Enter Menu Name and Menu Code
  10. Move the Action you created to Select Actions and click Save and Return
  11. From the Views tab, click Fields next to Status Report List
  12. For all fields, uncheck Allow Editing
  13. Go to a project
  14. On properties tab go to Properties>>Status Reports
  15. Create a status report
  16. From the Status Report List view, check the Status Report
  17. Click Actions >> Run Process (Or name of the action created for your process above)

Expected Results: Process kicks off successfully. 

Actual Results: Receive error Http 500 Internal Server Error. 


DE56343 - This happens if there isn't at least one field on the list view set to "Allow Editing". 

Workaround: Make at least one field editable

  1. Go to Administration, Studio: Objects, Status Report
  2. Click on 'Views' Tab 
  3. Click on Status Report List [Fields] 
  4. Click on Scope Status (or any attribute) 
  5. Check 'Allow Editing' and 'Save' 


Release : 15.8, 15.8.1, 15.9.1, 15.9.2, 15.9.3 

Component : Clarity Processes 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0  

Additional Information

Reference KB: Searching for known Clarity Issues using Self Service