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Is there an OKTA User Guide similar to the old CA Admin Portal guide?


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Here is a list (refer to Techdocs and Knowledge Base Articles as Broadcom Support continuously incorporates the information in common questions.)

Clarity SaaS Authentication in the Google Cloud Platform

Okta Tenant Administrator

Once this process is complete, the Tenant Administrator (customer) will be able to add users into the Okta Admin portal without Support's intervention and can perform actions like, add non-federated users such as contractors, remove user access, and perform Okta group administration.
Okta Tenant Administrator Information required from customer:

Okta User Management

Once the Okta user has been created by the Broadcom Saas team, the user will get an activation email to set their passwords for the Tenant. If a user was already active in the Clarity system they can also go to the respective login screen and Click 'Need Help signing in' on the widget and provide an email address or user can go to https://portal.broadcom.com/web/guest/forgotpassword.


Clarity SaaS Broadcom Okta URL Update 

For All Broadcom GCP SaaS Customers using Federation Single Sign On 

Broadcom is standardizing the authentication URL for Broadcom platforms from avagoext.okta.com to login.broadcom.com. The primary goal for enabling custom URL in the avagoext.okta.com tenant is to provide the ability to customize the Okta hosted login page and change to a Broadcom branding. Broadcom is working to ensure that the migration is as seamless as possible. There are a few simple actions that will be required from our customers due to this standardization. Below you will find instructions on how to update your configuration with the new URL (login.broadcom.com) and the impact if you do not take the appropriate action.

Clarity SaaS Broadcom Okta URL Update provides generic guidelines on changing the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL. Please consult your Identity Provider (IdP) vendor documentation or Single-Sign On (SS)/IT team for detailed steps needed to modify the ACS URL.

When do you need to make the change?

  • The change is required on or after Sunday March 14th 2021.
  • The change can be performed in a sandbox environment (your DEV or TEST environment) first before promoting to Production.

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