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In reviewing Documentation on upgrade CAPM 3.7, I have the following questions:
 The procedure from the above link for upgrading Data Aggregator does not mention if Data Aggregator need to be shut down prior to running the installation or not.

Also in step 9 of the above upgrade Data Aggregator procedure, regarding verify access to the Data Aggregator REST endpoints via the address:
What port can I use?
I would like to make sure access to Data Aggregator REST endpoints works prior to the upgrade as well.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


 The data aggregator should be shutdown before running the upgrade. So should the activemq process. I believe it may automatically do this if it not down but having it already shut down is best. The default port for the data aggregator is 8581. To check what port you are currently running on you got to Administration -> data sources -> data sources then highlight the data aggregator and click the edit button and it will have port being used in the window.