VANTAGE Space Total for Multivolume Datasets


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CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager CA Graphical Management Interface


If the multivolume dataset residing on 10 volumes with 2 GB on each volume,that makes a total of 20 GB for the entire dataset.
If looking for datasets that are bigger than e.g. 15 GB and select ('Allocated Bytes' > 15000000000), the dataset is not find because every portion is only 2 GB.

Is there a simple solution for this request? In the tree under "Data Set Management" I checked both "All Data Sets" and "Multi Volume Data Sets" but couldn't find a column with the dataset total, only the amount per volume.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The solution could be achieved by a join object in Vantage.

This object will combine Details and Summaries objects information into one new Join Object. Follow the wizard to create a join object, where "Details object" is the Base object and the Candidate object is a "summary of multivol data sets". In Relationship between Base and Candidate object select Data Set Name.

This creates a combined object that includes information from both objects, where the key is the dataset name. 

In view of output definition, enable just the following column to display.

Dataset name, Volume, EAV, Allocated Total over All volumes (from summaries), Allocated on Volume (from details), Data class name.

If the dataset resizes over 3 volumes, The object has 3 lines. 

DNS Name, Volser, EAV, Total size 3 Vols, Size on this concrete volser, Data Class Name

This object allows to filter based on  'Total size over 3 Vols' > threshold AND 'EAV' =N AND 'DC-name' EXCL(DATA CLASS).