Layer7 OAuth Toolkit: Unable to login to OAuth manager using a Cassandra DB


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When attempting to login to OAuth manager you will provide valid credentials but when clicking the 'Login' button you are redirected back to the login page.

The ssg logs may show errors such as "No such variable: resp" or "Evaluate Response XPath failed"

You will also notice no information is stored in the oauth_session table.


This occurs when the dbsystem has not been properly configured. By default, the database type is set to mysql.


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


To resolve this you will need to inform the OTK that you are using a Cassandra database:

1) In the Policy Manager, open the target policy, OTK Storage Configuration.  Locate the policy in OTK/Policy Fragments/configuration

2) Copy the Set Context Variable assertion for dbsystem.

3) Open the hash policy, #OTK Storage Configuration. Locate the policy in OTK/Customizations

4) Paste the Set Context Variable assertion for dbsystem from the target policy into the hash policy.

5) In #OTK Storage Configuration, double-click the assertion. Indicate the database type as cassandra

6) Click OK, then Save and Activate the hash policy.