APM/ITAM: How are attachments stored for a given asset


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management


How is a given attachment stored and related to its asset.


Release : 17.1 and higher

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


Table names are highlighted in bold and will require access to the backend database server:

The physical files for a given attachment are stored in this location on your ITAM Application Server:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\ITAM\Storage\Common Store\Attachment


The SQL Table that lists all attachments: al_file_storage

You will need to do a query such as:
SELECT file_id FROM al_file_storage where name = 'FILENAME' OR attachment_url= 'FILENAME'

This is because a given file attachment is stored across two separate records. One record is the physical file itself and the second record is the URL link to that file.


SQL Table that links attachments to an asset: arg_link_asset_attachment

You will need to match the file_id entry in the arg_link_asset_attachment table to the file_id entry in table al_file_storage, cross referencing the own_resource_uuid to the Asset table ca_owned_resource.