Making Custom Dashboard Show two interfaces as one metric


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I have a issue I'm trying to resolve. I'm not sure if i can do this task but i believe you all are are the best resource to use.

I have a dashboard with charts on them. On these charts I have  a MultiTrend (Draws all items on one chart) View type
I have put interfaces in groups, 2 interface per group with a total of 5 groups. I am trying to make each group show up as one metric on the chart. Currently each interface shows up as its own metric. Can you all help me with this? 


Release : 19.1

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


When building a view with multiple groups CAPM we will just combine all the elements in the groups we do not chart each group individually. You would need to set each view to a single group and use the "Composite Trend" to view the elements in that group as one line.