SpectroSERVER restarting every day on secondary servers


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CA Spectrum


SpectroSERVER restarting every day on secondary servers


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This is the expected behavior. In a fault-tolerant environment, when an OnLine Backup is performed, it will also synchronize the SSdb database on the secondary SpectroSERVER. But the only way to restore the SSdb on the secondary SpectroSERVER is first shutting down the SS application.
Basically, once the backup is taken on the primary SS (it will pause the SpectroSERVER, flush everything from memory to disk, copy the db files to a temp area, unpause the SpectroSERVER, then do an SSdbsave of the copied db files), the Spectrum Process Daemon will launch the RCPD (Remote Copy Process Daemon) to transfer the new SSdb backup file from the primary to the secondary, then stop the secondary SS, load the new SSdb back up and start back the secondary SS. In case the secondary SS is stopped, RCPD will load the new SSdb, but it will not start the secondary SS.