Common Services: CCITCPGW requirements


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CA Common Services for z/OS


During the upgrade of CA Common Services for z/OS, a configuration is required for CCITCPGW. 

Where can this information be found?

Why CCITCPGW is needed? 


Common Services 14.1 & 15.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



CCITCPGW is used for TCP/IP configurations.

CAICCI implements TCP/IP using one or more server address spaces on the mainframe to coordinate processing.

TCP/IP Gateway: 
A gateway supports the mainframe as a full peer to other platforms in a TCP/IP network. The supported platforms include other mainframe systems, UNIX, Linux, and Windows. 

It uses one of the following CAICCI TCP/IP server started tasks. The user ID of the used started task must have a valid OMVS segment. Sample members of the started tasks are distributed in the CAW0PROC dataset.

CCITCPGW is started using the CAICCI PROTOCOL(TCPIPGW,…) control option.
CCISSLGW is used for TLS support and is started using the CAICCI PROTOCOL(TCPSSLGW, …) control option.

Do not start the server task for a gateway using the z/OS START command.