UIM - sqlserver 5.42 HF3 probe disables alarms in checkpoints


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When we upgrade an existing probe having older custom template applied to 5.42 HF3, the "Send Alarm" flag in some of the checkpoints is getting DISABLED. The checkpoint itself remains active and the flag for Qos is untouched.

This effectively disables monitoring of the metrics.

Had built an archive pkg under ver 5.10 for almost every checkpoint wherein we changed the DEFAULT values / severity for the thresholds based on customer requirements.

Every one of these checkpoints is having a problem where the Send Alarm flag is OFF. So no alert is getting generated when the threshold is breached.


Release : 8.5x /9.0.x

Component : UIM - SQLSERVER


In sqlserver probe version 5.42 has one new key added send_alarm for checkpoints and if it is enabled then an alarm will be send or else not. 

In this version by default for all the checkpoints key is not enabled.

Have enabled the send_alarm flag for all the checkpoints in sqlserver version 5.42-HF3

To resolve this issue can follow the below steps:- 

1 Delete the current sqlserver probe from IM (make sure all files deleted from disk also). Backup is not required as the customer is using the template created in version 5.41.

2 Deploy the sqlserver probe version 5.42-HF3.

3 Deploy the template created on version 5.41. 

4 Now very the checkpoints send_alarm key it should be enabled.

5 For the next upgrade make new template with version 5.42-HF3, as this version as a lot of changes in .cfx file

If not possible to delete the probe then manually enable the send_alarm key for each checkpoint. 

To summarize

Deploy fresh 5.42 HF3 on one test server and deploy the old custom template on that ..

Then create a new template from this probe and deploy this on other existing sqlserver probes running either 5.42 or 5.42HF3 ( not on older sqlserver probe versions)

This new template will have the send alarm key

So can deploy this new template on existing probes running either 5.42 or 5.42 HF3 to have the send alarm key populated