SOLVE:ACCESS - reduce the spool usage in JES2


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We have some very long running SOLVE started tasks and the logs are taking up a great deal of spool space,  we don't recycle these started tasks as we always have users on them.  I want to reduce the spool usage, as the spool percentage is getting high. How do I do this without recycling the started tasks



Release : 5.0

Component : CA SOLVE:Access Session Management


For SOLVE:Access 5.0 region, the standard SOLVE install provides LOG1 to LOG9 as JES output datasets. They are normally allocated with FREE=CLOSE.

The LOGSWAP command is used to close the current dataset and open the next.

This method relies on the user to implement timer commands to reallocate the LOGx DD.

The alternative is that JES2 can do it automatically via the SPIN operand (since z/OS 1.12).

For example JES can free the output for processing after a line limit is reached -


When SPIN=UNALLOC is used the JES2 $Txnnnnn,SPIN,DDNAME= command can be used to split the output at a particular time. (x is J for job, S for STC)