LIST=pgmname not starting the INTNDVR* task


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CA InterTest - CICS CA InterTest - Batch


I'm trying to dynamically load some program source from Endevor.  I issue the LIST= command, but the INTNDVR task is not starting.


Release : 11.0

Component : CA InterTest for CICS


Additional Considerations:

Dynamic symbolic support requires that you compile or assemble your applications using a CA Endevor SCM process with the footprint feature active. When symbolic information is required by one of the CA Technologies testing tools, your PROTSYM files are inspected first for the matching symbolic information. When no matching information is found, the executable is inspected for a CA Endevor SCM footprint. If this footprint is found, that footprint is used to locate the matching listing that is dynamically loaded into your specified PROTSYM file. The matching symbolic information is then used by your test session.

A missing CA Endevor SCM footprint will stop that program from using DSS...