Upgrade Hardware Version of VMWare


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Messaging Gateway


Can we upgrade the hardware version in the VMware system, or will that require us to install a new version SMG VM?


Release : 10.7.x



Yes, you can upgrade the Hardware version of VMWare underneath an install of SMG, as long as the VMware version is supported for the version of Symantec Messaging Gateway in use.

The only requirements are:

1. that the hardware version of VMWare is supported by Messaging Gateway, and
2. that Symantec Messaging Gateway is shut down while doing the update. 

Our installation guide documents our System requirements for deployment on VMware in the System Requirements section:

Additional Information

VMwares "Hardware version" for a guest virtual machine is something configured in VM itself and not related directly to Messaging Gateway outside of our version requirements.  
This should discuss this with a VMWare administrator if there are any further questions.