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WA DE: Job output variables setup


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How to set job out variables in the applications and jobs in Workload Automation DE?


Workload Automation DE (dSeries) allows output of some job types to be stored and accessed by another job.



Release : 1.0

Component : CA Workload Automation DE


To be able use the job output, set the following.

1. The WA Agent release must be 11.3 or higher.

2. Add agent.manager.variables.allow=true in agentparm.txt file of the agent.

Note:  CPU Monitoring and Disk Monitoring jobs don't require the parameter

3. The following variable will store the output values.  This is APPL level variable and will be available to all subsequent jobs once the initial job has completed.


4. The variable after APPL must be in lower case.

e.g.  APPL.sql123_return_variables[0]

The job name here is SQL123.  

If the job has a qualifier, the qualifier must be added after job name with an underscore (_).

e.g. APPL.sql123_qualifier_return_variables[0].



Additional Information

Sample Javascript example:

if(APPL.mysql_np_return_variables[0] > '0') = '[email protected]';

The APPL.mysql_np_return_variables[0] will only resolve once the job MYSQL has ran or completed.  The job MYSQL has a qualifier NP, it has to be part of the variable.

See this link  for more information on the Job Output Variables.