CAIENF canceling started task invoked by XL Release


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CA Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM) CA Endevor Software Change Manager - ECLIPSE Plugin (SCM)


Using a product XL Release to invoke Endevor actions on the z system. The Endevor actions run as a started task EDVRWSA, kicked off by CAIENF. In the normal case, EDVRWSA will run to completion with no problem. Several times per day however, CAIENF will cancel the STC while it is running for seemingly no reason and the task abends S222. 


Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The STC has been customized with additional steps to do after the REST API action has been processed.

Problem with this setup is that after the first job step sends a response back to the Tomcat server, the Tomcat server will start shutting down the CCI connection to the STC, because STC pooling is off in the .cfg file so each STC is single-use and there is no reason to keep it alive. 

If the additional job steps manage to finish before CCI gets around to cleaning up the STC everything seems to work, but that is a matter of timing and cannot be relied upon. 

The best way to solve the issue would be to put the remaining job steps into a separate job and submit it after the REST API response is received by the caller (XL Release).