Spectrum AlarmNotifier Crashes with Error message in the notifier.out file (SPC-SHD-29021)


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AlarmNotifier crashes due to an error.  The error appears to come from the OS itself which is executing the script (using sh.exe):

Exceeding limit command string is ::: D/CA/Spectrum/NT-Tools/SRE/bin/sh.exe D:/CA/Spectrum/Notifier/SetScript <DATE_TIME> ...


In the .alarmrc file, the EXTRA_ATTRS_AS_ARGS arguments that have been set are causing SetScript to crash the AlarmNotifier since they are too large for the shell to handle when it is run.

For example, attribute 0x11f84 - ifAlias, is a table value made up Text strings. The text strings may be up to 65 characters in length however, the table itself may have hundreds or more entries depending on how many interfaces the device has. 

If this is what is being fed to SetScript as command line arguments, then the OS shell (sh.exe) may end up rejecting it as being too large.


Spectrum 10.x


Remove any attributes arguments from the EXTRA_ATTRS_AS_ARGS field that may be table values. Seek other attributes that have single (non-array) values instead to use.

Additional Information

Microsoft KB : Command prompt (Cmd. exe) command-line string limitation