CA Pan/SQL compatible with DB2 version 12's CHAR9/CHAR Functionality


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After upgrading to DB2 version 12 and binding the CA Pan/SQL library with APPLCOMPAT V11R1, what is needed to use the CHAR9 functionality for older applications who still use old CHAR function and not the CHAR9 function?


CA-Pan/SQL (DB2 Interface) release 2.4C


There was a 'hole' that some applications exploited and it was broken in DB2 v10. It was decided after the DB2 V12 GA's version to support the extended format.

The answer is to use APPLCOMPAT V12R1M500 or V10R1

With DB2 V11, running with APPLCOMPAT V10R1, all will be fine with BIF_COMPATIBLITY set to one of the "V9%" values. 

With DB2 V12, running with APPLCOMPAT V12R1M500 or V10R1, all will be fine regardless of the BIF_COMPATIBILITY  value.