WA_Link or Fanout models creating performance issues


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CA Spectrum


We are seeing some performance issues within Spectrum, Online backups may not get completed or sometimes model Deletes do not process. What is causing this? 



We have seen in some cases, if WA_link models or Fanout models have got Discovered and created and have one-to-many connections, this can cause performance issues. 

The main issue is on Fault Isolation. If any of the connected devices has an issue to where Spectrum has to check Fault Isolation and poll the neighbors, as there are potentially many hundreds of connections to the Fanout, this causes potential internal delays that can affect other Spectrum functionality. 


Spectrum 20.2.x

Component: SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


Spectrum Engineering is currently working on an update to a future version to try to prevent this type of Discovery from occurring. 

In the meantime, there are a couple workarounds which can be done: 

#1. Rediscover w/o WA_links

On Discovery Console > Discovery profile, be sure "Create WA_link models" in modeling options is "Unchecked". 

Then destroy the WA_link models and Rediscover the node

#2. Use Modeling Gateway to convert WA_link or Fanout models to "Shared Media Link"

Shared Media Link models by default are more efficient than Fanout model types, able to handle more connections and polling of neighbors for Fault Isolation. 

Check the Spectrum Documentation for details on using Modeling Gateway Export. Once you export the modeling config for the server, edit the export doc and look for "Fanout". Do a Find-and-replace on "Fanout" and replace all with "SharedMediaLink"



<Connection >
    <Device network_address="" name="Sim30671:BNG-TMEC-ITC6-5F-DC-DIST" model_type="JuniperJUNOSRtr" model_handle="0x1003a3"  />
    <Model name="test2" model_type="Fanout" model_handle="0x1017e0"  />


<Connection >
    <Device network_address="" name="Sim30671:BNG-TMEC-ITC6-5F-DC-DIST" model_type="JuniperJUNOSRtr" model_handle="0x1003a3"  />
    <Model name="test2" model_type="SharedMediaLink" model_handle="0x1017e0"  />

Once the file has been edited, re-import the file.