Where to download solutions for the VM Product Manager


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CA Mainframe VM Product Manager CA VM:Secure for z/VM


When I go to the Download Management page I have access to all of my other products - VM:Secure, VM:Tape, VM:Backup, etc -- but I do not see VM:Manager there.

Where can I download solutions (or product) for the VM Product Manager?


Release : 1.2 

Component : CA VM Product Manager


You will find the product download and published solutions for the VM Product Manager included with the individual VM:Manager products like VM:Secure, VM:Backup, VM:Tape and so on...

So, if you search product or solutions for VM:Secure as an example, you'll find the VM Product Manager files too.

Here's the link to DOWNLOAD MANAGEMENT and  SOLUTIONS for VM:Secure 3.2:




Solutions for the VM Product Manager are included in the list along with VM:Secure solutions.


The same is true when downloading product.

Using VM:Secure as an example again, here's the link to download VMSECURE 3.2:



The VM Product Manager download/servlkpk is  listed first.